Our Story


When we first created this store it was for one very simple reason. We were in great need of wireless headphones.

 When Apple chose to ditch the headphone jack for The iPhone 7, it kind of felt like a slap in the face. Instead of offering us a solution to a problem, they created a completely new one instead. How were we now supposed to connect our headphones to this device when there wasn't an appropriate hole for them anymore?

 This was our first reaction. We felt let down and sort of abandoned. Maybe even a little bit angry. But it didn't take long before we understood what this really meant. Apple giving up the headphone jack meant that millions of people now are looking for wireless solutions when buying their headphones. Companies selling headphone gear now have no choice but to develop the technology and begin manufacturing more wireless products for their customers.

Some brands realised even sooner that we are moving towards a wireless future. Brands such as Bluedio & Picun had already released state of the art wireless headphones up for retail, but due to poor coordination in the wireless marketplace consumers have had a difficult time finding them.

Our vision was therefore quite simple. We wanted to create an easily accessible and affordable place where everyone can find themselves some new wireless headgear including headphones, earphones and of course the newcomer, True Wireless Earbuds!

 That place, is Ramblers