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Barber's Trademark.

Many barbers choosing the straight-razor are attracted to the nostalgia of using old and traditional methods of shaving. Some stand fast about straight razors providing a highly superior shave. Whatever your stance on the matter, BLADE is without a doubt the most iconic piece of equipment when it comes to the Barbershop industry.

Complete that Professional Barber's look of yours with BLADE. Proudly showcase your bond to the craft and add that extra layer of professionalism to you, your shop and your work.


  • Pendant + 23.6" (60cm) rounded box chain
  • Nickel-free Stainless 316 titanium steel
  • Pendant size 2.13" x 1.57" or 5.4cm x 4.0cm
  • Keywords: barber jewelry, pendant, necklace, chain, barbershop